Ready Mix

Cadillac Mix

Unique to 711 Materials, Our Cadillac Mix is designed for a more plastic use.

Low Shrink

6 to 8 inch Slump, low water cement ratio, it is a low shrink, high strength Concrete


Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Excellent for crack control and long-term durability. Can eliminate wire mesh & Rebar.

Strengh of Economy

Fiber is cheaper than purchasing wire mesh and/or rebar materials, for more efficient usage.


Lightweight Concrete

Used mostly in office construction, and steel pan floor construction.

Build Higher

allows thinner columns and shallower floors, allowing more floors within a series of stories.


Self-Consolidating Concrete

Streams around steel reinforcement, settling into place with no segregation of aggregates.

Set and Forget

7/11 has developed a variety of SCC mixes for various performance characteristics.


High Performance Concrete

Has a number of uses both in fast-track construction to achieve early strength gain

Fast and Strong

Provides durability and strength for bridges, roadways, and foundations.


Pervious Concrete

a durable concrete pavement with a large volume (approx. 20%) of interconnected voids.

Feel the Flow

A porous open-cell structure that allows water to pass through readily


Early Strength Mixes

Designed to achieve the specified strength requirements rapidly, sometimes within hours.

Get on the Fast Track

These are used for fast-track construction when the building schedule is time critical.


711 Materials has a large variety of Project experience ranging from: Dams, Tunnels, Tilt-Ups, Commercial, Industrial, Residental and Architectural. To see examples of some of our projects visit our Portfolio Page