The average American uses ten tons of aggregate per year; 400 tons of aggregate on average is used for the construction of a new home and there are approximately 38,000 tons of aggregate in a mile of interstate. 7/11 Materials is committed to supplying aggregate while maintaining careful stewardship of the land. We are a company that is proud of our reclamation–transforming unusable land to useful and productive end uses. 7/11 Materials takes every effort to sustain a “green” operation by recycling water, concrete, asphalt, and steel, as well as operating newer equipment with fewer emissions.

7/11 Materials’ reclamation has taken rocky land too expensive to irrigate and returned it to grassy grazing land with water storage ponds for a productive cattle operation.

Along side the Stanislaus River, 7/11 Materials reclamation has created lakes offering a natural environment for many species of birds and fish, as well as water storage for the Sacramento valley.

In the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, 7/11 Materials mines “tailing” which was left from the gold rush. Gold miners extracted what they found useful from the land and left large piles of rock, blanketing the area and making the land unusable. These piles of rock are now being crushed, washed, and sized for many different uses; this land is being returned its natural state.

“…the care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it, and to foster its renewal, is our only legitimate hope.” Wendell Berry