711 Materials Expands for 2018

Ridgecrest, CA   7/11 Materials has expanded with two more ready mix plants and a new aggregate source that will help support efforts along the 395 and southern corridor. This purchase was from a long […]

Best Practices for Cold Weather Concrete

Short-term construction economy should not be obtained at the expense of long-term durability. If an owner decides that it is less cost effective to wait for milder temperatures before beginning concrete construction, then the minor […]

State Route 4 Stockton Crosstown Expansion

The State Route 4 (SR-4) Crosstown Freeway project will extend the Crosstown Freeway west from Fresno Avenue to Navy Drive. The extension will be carried on twin viaduct (bridge) structures that will cross over Fresno […]

Dust Pollution: The Transformation of Owens Lake

The Problem Owens Valley, a stretch of land in Inyo County California, contains landscapes that have been entirely transformed by environmental issues and changed by human agency. Around 1913 the Los Angeles reclamation project effectively […]

The Importance of Pre-Pour Meetings

Getting the Team on the Same Page (Prime, Sub, Supplier)   Customer name Who is placing the concrete Concrete type/Mix Type Quantity (cubic yards ordered) WHAT SLUMP? We will ONLY bring what is on the […]

Jobsite addition of Water

Jobsite addition of water is the adding of water to a ready mixed batch of concrete in a truck mixer after it has arrived on the jobsite. This is done to increase the slump of […]